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Nathan is the most blessed man alive because he is married to his beautiful wife, Christine.  Together the LORD has blessed them with three beautiful children with a fourth on the way.
Nathan and Christine have been through much together from when they first met in college until today.  That path has led them to grow closer to God, and along the way to start a small fellowship called Coastlands Congregation of Messiah based in Washington, PA.  We have had the privilege to be a blessing to others in encouraging them to grow in their walk with our King, focusing on what truly matters and not getting caught up in the many distractions that pull at us in our walk.

In 2015 Nathan had the idea to bring a speaker to town to speak to Coastlands.  From there he thought, if we are bringing one, why not bring another and open it up to others!  That quickly led to others suggesting adding a third speaker and Gather the Scattered was born.  From the outset the goal was always to be an encouragement to the body, to provide a weekend of fellowship in a safe atmosphere where we can learn to love one another and most importantly our King.  In addition we want to see others growing in not only knowledge, but in their walk, to have their lives touched by the LORD which will result in a strengthening of the Body of Messiah.  In the beginning it was decided that if we were to do this, we were going to do it right.  Our goal is to bring in dynamic speakers, anointed musicians, and wonderful children’s and teen ministries so that the whole family can be blessed and nobody is left out.  Gather the Scattered is truly an entire family event. We aim to treat each attendee the way we would want to be treated and the feedback so far says we are succeeding in that, praise God.

Nathan considers his family to be his greatest gift and calling.  He loves his children deeply and loves spending time with them, whether it be watching a dance recital, playing Minecraft, watching a Penguins or Steelers game, or playing blocks and cars, he is thankful for each moment.