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melody-flowerIt was early 2016 when we saw a friend post about an amazing new album they were listening to by a young lady named Melody Joy.  We quickly acquired it for ourselves and we immediately knew Melody had not only amazing talent, but a sweet spirit, and loved our God with all her heart.  Before we knew it Melody, since she was not terribly far from our locale, came to fellowship with us and helped kick off Gather the Scattered 2016 leading us in The Shema.  She also blessed us with several other of her original songs at the event.  We know this, that if you have never heard Melody sing, you will be greatly blessed when you do.  We are thrilled to have her with us again singing some of her original songs in a special concert and also helping lead us in praise.

Here is a biography from Melody’s website that will let you learn a little more about her:

My life began with music.  Even my birth name, Melody Joy speaks of the hope my parents had for my destiny.   From my parents singing and playing trumpet to me while I was in the womb, to my singing along to songs as a toddler in the car, to my learning how to play piano as a little girl…I have always been surrounded by music. 

Spreading joy through music has always been on my heart.   When I was five, my family and I started visiting local personal care homes to play piano and sing for the elderly.
And after a couple years of faithfully doing this, I received the Governor’s Service Award for the state of West Virginia!

Even now, I remember walking up on stage as a 7 year-old and accepting the award, reading the speech I wrote, and singing “I Don’t Have to Wait Until I’m Grown Up” in front of several hundred people.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I would love to share many more of my life experiences, but as I fast forward to a little more than a year ago, it becomes easy to see that my musical journey began to blossom after I had gone to a Messianic youth camp in the summer of 2014.

There I met some very encouraging people, and was inspired to start playing guitar and writing my own music.

So, in June of 2015, I took seven of my original compositions, along with a hymn, and songs by Josiah Strick and Misha Goetz, and compiled them into my very first project…. “The Beginning.”

During this experience, I had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented musicians from throughout the eastern United States, and also a Dove award-winning drummer and producer… Michael Shade Rowsey.

Melody Joy at Gather the Scattered 2016



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