LaMalah Children’s Centre in Kenya.


We first became familiar with Hollisa in 2014 and have been abundantly blessed by her willingness to share  her insights into the Word in a way that is overtly edifying.  If you want to hear the depths and riches of The Word expounded upon in a manner that just might leave you speechless, where you walk away and are in awe of how awesome our King truly is, then you do not want to miss what Hollisa will be sharing.

Here is some of Hollisa’s biography:

Dr. Hollisa Alewine has her B.S. and M.Ed. from Texas A&M and a Doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford Graduate School.  Her area of research is adult education with an emphasis on correctional education.  Additionally, two of her three Master’s Degrees (one in Rabbinic Theology and one in Religious Education) emphasized research in Nazarene Judaism of the First Century.

Dr. Alewine was the recipient of the Oxford Grail Award for Distinction in Academic Research Quality awarded by Oxford Faculty Senate 2007 for her dissertation: Andragogical Methods and Readiness for the Correctional GED Classroom.  Her research was published in the Journal of Correctional Education published by Correctional Education Association in 2010.

Professional contributions include speaking at the Kentucky Association of Continuing and Technical Education Summer Program 2008 & 2010: Motivating the Adult Learner; Inmate Orientation as a Key Component in the Correctional Setting and CEA International Conferences 2008, 2010: Components of a Correctional GED Orientation Program and Why it Works.   Additionally, she trained program instructors for the Ohio Department of Corrections (Management and Training Corp.) 2008 In-service Training: Implementing an Orientation Program in the Correctional Setting.

Now retired from a career in federal law enforcement, Dr. Alewine writes and teaches extensively in the Jewish roots of faith.  She is the author of Standing with Israel: A House of Prayer for All Nations, The Creation Gospel Bible study workbook series, and a programmer on Hebraic Roots Network.  Her newest project is BEKY Books (Books Encouraging the Kingdom of Yeshua), and she is joined in the project by some of her favorite authors and teachers.  Proceeds from her Creation Gospel workbook series have helped to build and provide monthly funds to the LaMalah Children’s Centre in Kenya.

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