Chris Knight and Matthew Vander Els perform a skit at Revive 2016

We are excited to have Chris as part of Gather the Scattered 2017.  We have added a dedicated program for the teens, and there was no thinking twice about having Chris lead it.  They will definitely have a wonderful time and be inspired in their walk with our Creator.  Chris will also share with all of the adults during the weekend, and it’s sure to be great.

More about Chris:

Chris Knight is the founder of Love 4 Yeshua Ministries. He has served as a Torah teacher, pastor, and youth director of various congregations and youth camps. Chris has felt a the call of God to become a Teacher and Pastor since he was eight years old. He was raised in a mainstream Christian congregation and began volunteering in the ministry when he was thirteen. In 2010, Chris discovered the truth about Shabbat and began to question everything he knew about his faith. He discovered that “the law” was not done away with and that Yeshua taught us to love Him by keeping the commandments of God. At age eighteen Chris began pursuing a Torah observant lifestyle, began taking courses in Biblical Hebrew, and studying under Eddie Chumney and Brad Scott. Since then, he has traveled across the country to teach at several congregations, conferences, and youth camps with the goal of inspiring God’s people to follow Yeshua with all their hearts and to keep His commandments.

This past Summer Chris could be found at youth camps such as; Camp Yeshua (Oklahoma), Messiah West Coast (California), Messiah Texas (Texas), Camp Mashiach (West Virginia), and the AWANA Southwestern Leadership Camp (California) and led the youth program at Revive 2016, which included over 1300 attendees.

We are proud to call Chris not only a brother, but also a good friend.

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