Grampa Gus, one of the many Torah Puppets, will endear himself to child and adult alike


Stan Randall of Torah Puppets teaches at Gather the Scattered 2016

We are excited to have Torah Puppets joining us again at Gather the Scattered 2018
Torah Puppets is all about presenting the Word of our King in a fun and engaging manner to children with humor and wit that appeals even to adults.  Their main thrust is “Restoring the Hearts of Children to the Torah of Their Messiah.”   Your children will have an awesome time with the Torah Puppets team!  And the Torah Puppets want you to know that they are beyond excited to spend time with you!




Some of the children having a blast with all the creative activities the Torah Puppets team had planned for them during Gather the Scattered 2016

Grampa Gus and Baby Boo Hoo entertain the audience at Gather the Scattered 2017


The children receive engaging times of teaching which helps them learn how to become more like our Savior

Stan Randall blesses the children at Gather the Scattered 2017

More fun!  It’s what is to be expected!


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