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Joel Allen, Liv Mancini, Nathan Mancini, and Julie Allen

Nathan & Liv Mancini

We are excited to have the Allen’s back with us for the third year in a row.  This year brings us a new blessing as Joel Allen will bring us a relevant message from the main stage.  Also, we are happy to have Joel and his wife Julie, along with their daughter Liv and son-in-law Nathan, heading up the teen ministry this year.  Liv heads up a ministry specifically geared toward teens called Liv Free Ministries. Each of the teens in attendance will be blessed richly, and challenged to walk as New Creation, to walk as our Messiah walked.  Together, they will also be leading us in the praise of our awesome King.  

Joel and Julie Allen have been married for over 20 years and have four beautiful children, Olivia, Isaiah, Joshua, and Alaina. Joel currently serves as head Pastor of Messianic Family Fellowship in Wolcott, NY and has been a gifted Bible teacher and worship leader for over 10 years. Joined by his wife, Julie, who has served as a ministry leader and worship drummer along side of him faithfully. Joel & Julie are blessed to have their children alongside them as they travel and lead praise and worship. Olivia along with her fiancé, Nathan, help lead with guitar, piano, and backup vocals. Joshua plays percussions and drums. Isaiah and Alaina help with backup vocals on occasion.

Together we have led praise and worship all over the country including messianic youth camps like Camp Yeshua and Camp Mashiach, as well as Christian unity rallies in our local community. We have played at many different Christian denominations, prayer houses and events as messianic synagogues. Our heart is unity so we are not locked into a particular denomination or group. It is our belief that praise should draw us together even though our doctrines may differ.

Joel & Julie Allen

Our style is a blend of Paul Wilbur, Jesus Culture, and Hillsong. We love the richness of the lyrics of messianic music along with the passionate praise styles of current and upbeat Christian contemporary music. We are completely abandoned to the leading of the Holy Spirit in every song and our desire is to be a catalyst for life-changing worship that brings healing, restoration, salvation, and deliverance. We encourage dance, lifting of hands, and expressions of worship that are genuine and based on the word of God, not emotionalism or manipulation.





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